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Updated RCoA Guidance for CT3 Equivalence

The Royal College of Anaesthetists has updated their guidance for Anaesthetists aiming to achieve CT3 equivalence. The CATS Network was given the opportunity to provide feedback on the guidance to ensure clarity and answer queries submitted through our online platform.

The link to the updated pdf is copied below and it has also been added to the 'Resources' section on the CATS Network website.

Please note some important points:

- The title of the guidance has now been renamed ‘Stage 1 Equivalent Training Guidance’ (formerly ‘CT3 Equivalent (Stage 1 ‘Top Up’) Training Guidance’)

- The updated guidance should be used by anaesthetists aiming to achieve CT3 equivalence and anaesthetists within a current ST3 post (hence the reason for the change in title)

- Evidence may be used that was already referenced within previous years of Core/ACCS training or outside of a formal training programme. Early liaison with your Educational Supervisor is recommended as, ultimately, signing the learning outcome domain off as 'achieved' is at their discretion.

- In addition to an Educational Supervisor signature, the Stage 1 Equivalence Certificate must also be signed by a College Tutor

- The guidance now specifies that a minimum of 1 satisfactory MSF is required. It also highlights that despite RCoA accepting a minimum of 12 respondees, individual Schools of Anaesthesia may require more. This needs to be checked with the Deanery/School in the case of any uncertainty.

- The guidance reminds those outside of a formal ST3 post that due to the absence of an annual ARCP they need to comply with their local Trust appraisal process (such as annual revalidation) in addition to GMC revalidation requirements

- There have been no changes made to the requirements for attaining stage 1 equivalence

If you have any queries or feel that you need more detail on any aspect of the guidance then we want to know. Please use the 'Contact' tab on the CATS Network website to send us a message.

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