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Help Our Colleagues with the CATS Network ST4 Survey!

During the recent specialty training application round for ST4 Anaesthetics, the number of applicants far exceeded the available posts. We understand the disappointment of those who were not successful in securing an ST4 post this time, and we are committed to assisting everyone in achieving their goals in the upcoming round.

To ensure effective support, we will be collaborating directly with the RCoA trainee representatives. Together, we aim to explore how we can assist candidates in the next application cycle. In this regard, we kindly invite you to fill the survey, specifically for those who were eligible for the recent ST4 application rounds. Gathering this information will enable us to present a comprehensive overview to the RCoA Anaesthetist in Training Committee (AiTC) meeting in September.

Your opinions and experiences hold great significance to us. We genuinely believe that your voices matter!

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