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Evidence for February ST4 Application

We have had several queries regarding the eligibility/competency section of the February ST4 online application.

For doctors who have completed a UK Core/ACCS Anaesthetics training post within the 2010 Curriculum and are currently in a UK CT3 top-up post working towards required learning outcomes for Stage 1 of the 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum, the most applicable answers to the following two questions are 'No':

"Are you currently on a UK Core/Specialty Training Programme, and expect to gain all CT/ST3 competences and be issued with a satisfactory ARCP outcome before the commencement date of the post for which you have applied? Answer NO for posts that are not part of a designated core/specialty programme associated with a UK area."

"Have you already achieved full competence evidenced by satisfactory ARCP outcomes for your CT/ST3 year of training?"

We contacted ANRO earlier this week and gained confirmation of the above. For individuals in the same circumstances described above the only additional evidence needed in order to apply is a signed 'Expected Completion of CT3 top-up Training' form by a UK anaesthetics College Tutor.

The following link is helpful in highlighting the necessary evidence in other circumstances: The signed 'Expected Completion of CT3 top-up Training' form can be uploaded at both the 'alternative competency document' section (after answering No to the above 2 questions) and the dedicated upload section for this form later in the application sections. We know of some trainees that have uploaded a 2010 Curricium CLTC form in the former section, or other evidence of completion such as their ARCP of CT2 (Core) / 3 (ACCS). Ultimately this doesn’t matter as the only form you need (as per RCoA guidance and our email to ANRO) is the one highlighted above. There is a further link on the RCoA website which discusses completion of other forms which may help to explain things further down the line but not necessarily for February ST4 application.

Any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

The CATS Team

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