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About CATS

In the new 2021 Anaesthetics Curriculum the structure of training has been divided into stages 1, 2 and 3. Stage 1 consists of 3 core years, 4 within ACCS, with entry into stage 2 at ST4 level (the first entry starting in 2023). This change has created a large group of doctors who have completed core anaesthetic training as per the 2010 curriculum, but do not hold ST3 posts.

In response to this the Royal College of Anaesthetists has released guidance on CT3 (Stage 1 'top up') Equivalent posts. This guidance aims to provide a structure for doctors taking up non-training anaesthetic roles with evidenced learning outcomes and experience required for application to ST4. Despite this, as a cohort of 'non-trainees', individuals may not benefit from the organisational and supportive elements present in a formal training programme. The CATS Network has been created to provide assistance and improve representation for doctors that are undertaking an anaesthetic CT3 Equivalent Year.

A year after the successful launch of the CATS Network, the 2023 ST4 applicants now consist of a mix of the new curriculum Stage 1 competent trainee and the remaining cohort of old curriculum Stage 1 top-up non-trainees. While continuing to support our existing members of CT3 Equivalent anaesthetists, we also expand our support to the new curriculum trainees and fellow doctors to provide updates, information, and assistance to ST4 application.

We aim to:

  • Provide updates, information, and assistance in ST4 application

  • Build a cohesive network of UK anaesthetic doctors aiming to achieve Stage 1 Equivalence

  • Provide a platform to share experiences, ideas and concerns 

  • Improve regional and national representation in this cohort

  • Liaise with the Royal College of Anaesthetists on areas of uncertainty

  • Assist with queries and provide a means of feedback to members

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